The publishing world has taken a dramatic turn in recent years. What was novel and modern yesterday is that today, almost overnight, it is obsolete and, what is worse, it seems condemned to head for a dead end. The Internet is the key to everything. Many aspired to it, but nobody succeeded. Our own editorial management system, where authors can see their sales in real time, is based on each and every one of their needs. All this, together with our own printing press and our distribution channels, have made us the best option for self-publishing in Spain, the Spanish-speaking countries and the USA.


  • Global service in all formats, in all channels and internationally.
  • Books available in any bookstore 365 days and 24 hours. Track orders and reprints in real time.
  • Better visibility of the catalog. Special attention to the rules of book cataloging through databases and with large stores.
  • All possible marketing formats. Paper, eBook, print on demand, direct sales through our website and through associated libraries.
  • International markets Spain, Europe, Latin America, USA. Specialists in the Anglo-Saxon field and in the Hispanic book markets.
  • Guaranteed benefit from the first sale. Tracking sales in real time. Integrated software for greater transparency of operations.
  • The largest worldwide distribution network for publications in Spanish. More than 5.000 direct and indirect sales points.
  • Specialists in online marketing to disseminate our catalog.


One of the great advantages of working with Macpherson Magazine Editorial is to benefit from the distribution of SGEL, the reference distributor nationwide. SGEL distributes through its own sales network, which serves all marketing channels. They adapt their services to the needs of each book so they move copies in all areas of Spain.

SGEL includes Relay stores in its portfolio. From now on the books can be found at airports, AVE and Adif stations, bus stations and metro stations. Currently there are more than 1200 Relay stores.

Our distributor is one of the first in the country after more than one hundred years in the market. He started his activity in 1914 managing the Librería Francesca in Barcelona and in 1940 he already had ten branches and twelve bookstores. Currently they have more than 30 offices spread throughout Spain.

Another benefit of making your book with Macpherson Magazine Editorial is to have your own online distributor open to other publishers: This system, which began as our own distribution system for our works published in bookstores, supplies our books to more than 500 bookstores in Spain that have our catalog in their offer.

Its operation is simple: all the bookstores have their discount code and can buy all our books with a 30% discount, shipping costs included in 24 hours. Therefore, any family or bookstore that wants to have the book, or a reader who has known about the work for any of our reviews launched through our Department of communication in press or social networks, may have the title in 24/48 hours.


Distribute your work in large areas such as Casa del Libro, El Corte Inglés or FNAC by SGEL. It is always done through a "traditional" distributor. Our distributor presents monthly news to these large chains for incorporation into the catalog of each of its stores, being the latter the decision on the presence of a book among its copies. Preparing a presentation in any of them is a great way to enter these large surfaces, something that we request directly if the author so requests.


We have the main online bookstores worldwide such as Amazon, Google Play, iTunes, El Corte Inglés, FNAC or Casa del libro for the sale of our books on demand, but we do not forget the importance of the local area. Macpherson Magazine Editorial maintains agreements with more than 350 physical bookstores, distributed throughout the Spanish geography, which have our catalog so that any client can order a book in any location. These physical bookstores are very important, because the author, locally, can derive readers, promote their work, make presentations, etc. Our goal is that, with the sale of the first edition of copies of the book, the investment made in the publication of the work can be fully covered and the author can earn money with it.


The writers can not be oblivious to the technological changes that are taking place. The eBook format, or electronic book, is already a reality in our society. For this reason, from Macpherson Magazine Editorial we recommend to all our authors the realization of the digital format of their work for its later commercialization in Internet. We believe in the possibilities of this format and for this reason we carry out the eBook of each work FREE OF CHARGE. Our team will advise you on best practices to publicize this format, as well as to decide issues such as the PVP of the publication.


Monthly we report to our authors the number of their sales. We do it through a web tool designed to contribute to the distribution process a greater one. The integration of a qualified human team, together with modern technological devices available to our authors, allows us to track almost real time sales of the books of our authors, in all channels where the book is located.

The payment of royalties is done monthly or annually, depending on what the author wants.

We also have direct sales from our own website where the links to the main bookstores like El Corte Inglés, Casa del Libro, FNAC, Amazon, Apple, Google Play, Kobo, Barnes & Noble and a long one are integrated into the page of each book. etc. of points of sale in Spain Latin America, and that is constantly growing.


Once the books have been edited, we manage the legal (ISBN) and commercial requirements necessary for the greatest possible dissemination and distribution of the works, as well as the correct updating of the book's metadata (category, review, author's biography, PVP, format...). With this process we guarantee that the catalog works are commercialized, also at the international level, in the best and largest network of associated bookstores.