Do you have a good story that literally burns you in your guts? A fantastic and enriching story that can leave more than one reader open-mouthed? Are you able to visualize this story with great detail? Would you like to publish your book? Maybe you think: "I wish I dared to write!" Desktop publishing will be your best alternative. If it seems an almost impossible dream, you do not know where to start and there is a place in your heart for the letters, then we are your editorial.



Many books published

The catalog of the Editorial Macpherson Magazine extends more and more every week, some of them in several languages and all with the highest quality in layout and printing. Our way of working accommodates the requests of our authors, turning us into a versatile and dynamic publishing house. In this way we demonstrate our professional ability to face any type of project.


Many satisfied authors

The satisfaction of the authors with the editing process and the final result that Macpherson Magazine publishes Editorial radiates in the various sagas that we have in our shelves, and the second books that have been edited by several of our writers. There are many authors who return to place their trust in us after experiencing the result of their first work. We help and advise the authors. This has led several writers to leap from Macpherson Magazine to traditional publishers with their works, such as Erika San Puerto, Mer Bonilla, Nuria Gago and many others.


Leaders of followers in social networks

In Macpherson Magazine Editorial we are not alien to the global movement that takes place in the internet in general and in social networks in particular. The Network of networks is a world that we dominate to the point of becoming leaders in our sector with our Facebook profiles. We accumulated more than 4,000 followers..


Own printing

Macpherson Magazine Editorial offers its authors a printing press for the printing of their works. A printing company that works exclusively for the copies that are published in the publisher. We have the most advanced current technology to send the titles to any customer who requests them from our production center. The delivery time never exceeds 48 hours from the issuance of the order. In addition, in Macpherson Magazine Editorial we make sure that our products arrive with total guarantee to their destination and without suffering any type of damage.


The most beautiful covers

The team of Editorial Macpherson Magazine has the best designers so that the authors see their desires illustrated on the covers of their works. We never repeat formats, designs or photographs, in this way unique and exclusive covers are created for each book. We played with the owner and the ideas of the authors and thus we managed to create the first perfect claim for the purchase of the book: its cover. You just have to take a walk through our catalog to see the difference with other publishers, both conventional and focused on self-publishing.


Internationally recognized stamp

When Erika San Puerto decided to self-publish one of her works, Macpherson Editorial Editorial was the chosen publisher. The team that is behind the Venezuelan writer evaluated our editorial and trusted our professionalism. This project made Macpherson Magazine Editorial stand at the head of its sector and many authors follow in the footsteps.


This shows two things:


That the Desktop Publishing begins to be the previous step for the new authors.


That the greatest begin to see the advantages of controlling their works.

Do not be afraid to self-edit your work. The only important thing is that you choose well with whom you are going to edit your book so as not to be disappointed. Here we come into play. We are the ones who are most prepared to take you by the hand to that first step successfully.